Our calculators haven't yet been updated to reflect the Transitional Protection changes.  

Estimate your Final Salary pension & lump sum

Find out the maximum pension and lump sum you can receive.

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Want to know what you can currently expect when you retire?

Estimate your maximum lump sum and pension based on your predicted final salary and service.


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You can see exactly how much pension you have earned to date with My Pension Online.

What this calculator can and can't tell you

  • An estimate of what your basic pension and lump sum amount will be in varying situations.
  • The maximum tax free lump sum that you may be entitled to receive.
  • The maximum amount of basic pension that you would sacrifice in order to take the maximum lump sum.
  • Our calculators haven’t yet been updated to reflect the changes being introduced because of Transitional Protection. The results don’t include the changes required for the remedy period (1 April 2015 to 31 March 2022). More information on Transitional Protection is available in Scheme Changes.
  • About any optional benefits such as additional pension and additional voluntary contributions.
  • What will happen if you retire other than at the Normal Pension Age.
  • The entitlements your spouse or partner may receive.
  • How your pension is calculated.
  • If you're a deferred member who has left pensionable employment this calculator does not include Pensions Increase (usually Consumer Price Index).
  • If you are classified as a high earner and have certain protections, you may be eligible to take more than £250,000 as a lump sum. If you think this may affect you, contact us.
  • It will not know if the salary figure you've entered will be subject to any restriction in accordance with Regulation 39 of the Teachers' Pensions Regulations 2010.

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