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How to apply

How to apply

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Retirement benefits aren’t paid automatically; you must complete the appropriate application form.

Using the correct form
  • Normal Age Retirement or Early Retirement Benefits (AAB) applications should be completed online
  • Premature Retirement forms must be obtained via your employer and must only be completed if you have been offered this form of retirement
  • Download the Phased Retirement or ASAR form or contact the Teachers’ Pensions Contact Centre who can arrange for an application to be issued.
  • You can download the forms for Ill-health Retirement here. You’ll need to complete the Ill–health Retirement form and the Medical Information form. You may also need to complete a Stepping Down Election form. Please see our forms page for full details.

You should ensure that you application is submitted no more than four months before your proposed retirement date, as there may be salary changes that could affect your benefits if submitted too early.

If you have more than one employer you must leave all employment, unless you are applying for Phased Retirement when your overall salary must reduce by at least 20%. Each employer will be required to complete the employer section of your application. You should copy the applicant’s section of the application form before forwarding it to each employer to complete their section. We cannot pay your benefits until all your employers have completed their section of the form.

Process for completion of retirement application

If you’re planning to apply for retirement, the process for your application will be as follows:

1. Teachers’ Pensions will acknowledge receipt of your application

2. Teachers’ Pensions will calculate and authorise your pension for payment

3. In peak application periods this could be the day before your payable date

4. Once completed if we hold an email address on record you’ll receive an automated message to advise that your award has been completed and you’ll be able to view your award documents under ‘Your Messages’ on My Pension Online

5. You’re able to track the progress of your application via ‘Track My Case’ on My Pension Online

Payment of benefits

You get monthly pension payments, which are paid the day before your birth date. If that date falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday it will be paid on the last working day before the normal date. If for example your birthday is on 5 June your pension will be paid on the 4th of each month.

If, for any reason, you don’t receive a pension payment on your first pension payable date, the Teachers’ Pension Scheme will automatically make a payment of a proportion of the arrears to your bank account.

Tax will not be deducted from this payment. This payment will be issued without separate notification and it’ll be taken into account when the first monthly pension payment (including the arrears) is made.

Are my benefits increased after I retire?

Inflation can affect those on a fixed income but your pension will be reviewed annually each April in order to maintain its purchasing power.

It’s important to remember that the rate of any increase will not mirror any increase in teachers’ pay.

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