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GMP update
  Our Employer Support helpline is currently closed until further notice but you can still contact us.  

GMP update

The GMP reconciliation project, which began in autumn 2015, is now almost at an end with only 12,000 member records left to have an investigation completed. By the deadline of 31 December 2018, all 1.9 million members will have had investigations completed. A total of just over 1.1 million queries have been raised with HMRC to ensure both HMRC and our service records for members are aligned.  

We still have an ongoing issue with incorrect National Insurance numbers (NINO) for members and these are being corrected where possible. Please can we remind you to ensure that NINOs are checked prior to any submissions to ensure they’re as accurate as possible.  In addition, please continue to utilise existing processes for updating or correcting NINOs should you identify any that are incorrect.

Last Updated: 17/12/2018 13:44