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Update to the timescales for MCR

Update to the timescales for MCR

As you’ll be aware it was proposed that the on-boarding of Monthly Contributions Reconciliation would begin in January 2020, with a Pilot Group of approximately 150-300 individual employers. Full on-boarding was scheduled to begin from April 2020.

However as additional development work has been identified, we’d like to confirm that the Pilot Group on-boarding will now begin in April 2020, with full on-boarding commencing in July 2020. The new dates will also be in line with the start of the financial year.

The completion date for on-boarding remains the same at September 2021. From October 2021, MCR will be the only method to provide contributions, service, salary, and enrolment information to us.

To find out more about on-boarding have a look at our guides on our dedicated MCR page.

Last Updated: 28/06/2019 12:27

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