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General guidance

MCR Employer Error Table v2

An Excel table including all of the upfront, STOP and WARNING errors that can be produced from your MCR submission.

MCR Missing Members Routine Guidance

A document explaining the guidance needed to complete the MCR missing members checklist file that you'll receive after making your MCR submission.

Back Dated Pay Awards Quick Guide

A quick guide explaining how back dated pay awards should be completed within your MCR submission.

On-boarding forms and guidance

MCR On-boarding Guide v9

Which explains the on-boarding process and details what you’ll expect throughout the transition.

On-boarding Form

Form for on-boarding to MCR.

MCR On-boarding Checklist v2

An interactive step-by-step guide on what you'll need to do when starting your on-boarding journey

User guide and example scenarios

MCR User Guide v6

An in-depth document for payroll providers, software providers and employers to develop an automated MCR solution or to collate the required information to use in the MCR template.

User Guide - Appendix A v4

A document that shows how the examples at the end of the MCR user guide can be populated within the MCR Template.

MCR Template and user instructions

MCR Template v9

The Template used to input members service, salary and contribution information. Please note you can’t currently send output files to us, the Template is there to be used with the guides provided and to help test your data inputs.

MCR Template User Instructions v4

Which provides instructions to those who will be completing MCR manually using the MCR template directly.

Hot topics

Contribution Calculations

A document that shows how the 'When Earned' and 'When Paid' methods are used.

Role Identifier A document that shows what the 'Role Identifier' is and how to generate it.
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