MCR template

We’ve created an in-depth guide on how to complete the MCR Template (PDF, 3.2 MB). (This link opens in a new window). File name: MCR Template User Instructions" class=" focusable">guide on how to complete the MCR Template (PDF, 3.2 MB) (This link opens in a new window) that we recommend you read prior to completing your first MCR submission. It provides instructions on how to download and save the template, what to include for an employee’s monthly service, and what contributions information we need.

To make sure our employer submission templates (MCR, MDC, etc…) work for the majority of users, we developed them using Windows supported Microsoft Excel as this is most popular platform we’ve encountered within our employer base.

As a result, due to compatibility issues between Windows versions of Microsoft Excel and Apple Operating System versions of Microsoft Excel, the MCR Template will not work as intended if used on an Apple Operating System supported device.

If you're unable to gain access to a Windows supported device, then you'll need to contact the MCR Team for advice on how to produce and validate your MCR submissions. View our contact options for further details.

Last Updated: 04/07/2024 14:54


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