What is the MCR Process?

You can generate your monthly MCR submission in one of two ways, either by completing the new MCR template or by outputting the information in the expected format directly from your payroll system.

For more information on how the new template will work and the new validation process for MCR please read MCR template section in the User Guide.

Uploading the MCR submission

Once the MCR submission has been created, you’ll upload this via the Employer Portal, using the same method as you did for MDC and Monthly Contributions Breakdown submissions.

It’s important that, when you’re logged on to the Employer Portal, you use the applicable data centre to upload the MCR submission, otherwise it will cause the submission to be rejected.

Validation of the MCR submission

When you upload a file through the Employer Portal, our system will perform a number of validation checks on the data provided before adding anything to our records.

Due to the introduction of employer level and member level contribution information onto the MCR submission, it’s no longer possible to reject individual rows of data and request a correction at a later date (as was the case with MDC submissions).

Any errors that would cause a row of data to be rejected will now have to be corrected before a file is accepted for processing.

Additional validation of the MCR submission

During the processing of an accepted file, there’s still a possibility that errors can be identified within the data provided or issues found in processing this onto our systems.

The validation performed at this stage can produce two types of errors; Warning Errors & Service Queries.

For more information about these validation errors read Validation of the MCR submission section in the User Guide.

Last Updated: 06/07/2022 09:34


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