MCR with Payroll Providers

In the first instance, we recommend that any payroll provider or software supplier interested in providing a solution for MCR, contact our MCR Team. View our contact options for further details.

When a payroll provider on-boards to MCR, we create a new establishment number which allows them to log in and submit one file for all the employers they provide payroll for.

Part of the process to activate a payroll provider is linking all employers for whom they’ll provide data, to their new establishment number. To allow us to do this we need a completed delegation form (XLSX, 24 KB) (This link opens in a new window), which confirms the employers they’ll be providing the data for.

Payroll providers need to ensure that each employer has delegated them permission to provide details on their behalf.

As a payroll provider, there are two ways to provide data to us – you can create a bespoke solution in line with our specification or use our MCR Template, located in the Employer Portal.

Please share the MCR User Guide (PDF, 1.6 MB) (This link opens in a new window)document with your payroll provider or software supplier.

It’s important to remember that even if you choose to use a payroll provider, it’ll still be your responsibility to provide accurate data in a timely manner.

As the employer, you remain responsible for providing accurate data in a timely manner, when using the services of a payroll provider. Therefore all warnings or errors must be sent to the you even if your payroll or software provider sends the submission.

Last Updated: 29/08/2023 14:12


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