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arrears of contributions

Arrears of contributions

Recently, we’ve seen instances where invoices for arrears of contributions have been issued, and subsequently service lines have been updated to ’02’ status (non-pensionable service) without any explanation.

If you have any amendments that need to be made following the issue of an arrears invoice, then you must advise us via email, and we’ll investigate the reason for this.

Additionally, please be aware when requesting the value of arrears due for a set period for an individual member, that if the member is in the Scheme and is paying contributions towards their pension, we’ll include an invoice with our response that will reflect the amount of contributions that should be paid for that period. If the member has opted out of the Scheme and is no longer contributing towards their pension, you’ll be able to make a request that is intended for information only purposes and these will not have an invoice attached.

Last Updated: 16/12/2019 15:09

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