Recording member service for February

As February this year falls on a leap year, we'd like to remind you to please ensure the date range on your submissions is,
. If service is only recorded until 28 February, after March’s submission you’ll receive an error in your March submission as there’ll be a missing service file for 29 February.

For employers who are using the Monthly Data Collection (MDC) template you'll need to record the whole month as days excluded for the following:-

  • any part-time members who've no earnings in February
  • members who are employed in a period of non-pensionable service, i.e. someone who is on less than 50% sick pay, on zero pay due to family leave or is on unpaid leave for the whole month of February.

This means the submissions needs to be recorded as 28 days excluded as our templates won’t allow you to record 29 days excluded. The members record will be updated correctly.

For employers submitting via Monthly Contribution Reconciliation (MCR), the template will allow you to record 29 days excluded in February. 

If you receive an automated message from us saying "Days excluded greater than days in period. Teachers' Pensions have amended the days excluded to match number of days in period. No further action required"-  there’s nothing more you need to do.

Last Updated: 27/02/2024 09:30