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Transfer deadline

From 6 April 2015, changes under the Pensions Schemes Act 2015 will stop transfers from unfunded public service pension schemes, such as the Teachers’ Pension Scheme, to pension schemes, whether in the UK or abroad, based on defined contributions or flexible access arrangements.

If you do wish to seek a transfer to such a scheme before 6 April 2015 you need to have made a request for and received a Guaranteed Transfer Value (GTV) from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and submitted a properly completed Discharge Form 350 to Teachers’ Pensions before 6 April 2015

Due to the current demand to meet this deadline we have reviewed the arrangements for submitting a Discharge Form 350 to Teachers’ Pensions and can confirm the following temporary arrangements:

  • Up to 5th April 2015 we will accept a faxed copy of a completed Discharge Form 350
  • Faxed copies must be sent using this fax header. Submissions by fax on any other header will not be processed
  • An original copy of the completed Discharge Form 350 along with all associated forms (listed below) must also be sent, and received by Teachers’ Pensions no later than 30th April 2015
    • Form 351 for UK Transfers
    • Overseas Scheme Details
    • Declaration Form
    • Member’s Consent Form
    • Lifetime Allowance Declaration
    • HMRC Member Information Form (APSS263)
    • HMRC CA1890 Form
  • Receipt of a completed Discharge Form 350 will be acknowledged by email with confirmation that the 5th April deadline has been met
  • Processing of the application and transfer of funds will commence on receipt of the original application
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