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Latest News

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Teachers' Pension Scheme Pension Board

The Teachers’ Pension Scheme Pension Board was set up in 2015 to provide additional assurance to members, employers, the Secretary of State for Education and taxpayers that the Teachers’ Pension Scheme is being administered efficiently, effectively and in accordance with the Scheme rules.

16/04/2019 |

Changes to CETV form

With immediate effect, if you require a Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) you’ll no longer need to ask your employers to fill out part B of the application form.

15/04/2019 |

Teachers’ Pensions Valuation Report

Every four years, the Government Actuary’s Department carries out a valuation of all unfunded public service pension schemes, including the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

10/04/2019 |

Member presentations

It’s came to our attention that a number of companies, such as ‘Teachers’ Planning Retirement’ and the ‘Teachers Retirement Agency are offering seminars for teachers approaching retirement.

05/04/2019 |

Pensions Increase - Annual updates

The Pensions Increase to be applied to pensions in payment will be 2.4% for 2019/20.

20/03/2019 |

Changes to overseas declaration process

During your retirement we need to check in with you from time to time to make sure your details are still up to date.

18/03/2019 |

Contribution bands increase

With effect from 1 April 2019 the salary bands for contribution rates for members will increase by 2.4%.

22/02/2019 |

Getting ready to retire - apply in advance

Starting to think about taking your retirement?

22/02/2019 |

Pension scams

Be aware of pension scams.

22/02/2019 |

System Issues

We are currently unable to help callers.

13/02/2019 |

Changes to the opt out process

From 4 February there will be a new process for opting out of the Scheme.

05/02/2019 |


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Teachers' Pension Scheme Pension Board
Changes to CETV form
Teachers’ Pensions Valuation Report