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Form Description 
Election to join the Teachers’ Pension Scheme

This form should be completed for eligible employees in Ministry of Defence (MoD) or Grant Aided Voluntary Organisations (GAVO’S) who wish to join the Scheme.

Premature retirement

Premature retirement is granted at the discretion of employers. Should you wish to grant premature retirement to a member, please ask them to complete this form and return it to you.

Teacher death - Service and Salary Information

Use this form to let us know the last service and salary information of members who died whilst in service or within 12 months of leaving service.

Monthly Contributions Breakdown form

From April 2015, tiered contributions were revised as part of the Teachers' Pensions Scheme reforms.

Notification of change or correction of personal details

This form should be used for changes to members’ personal details.

You must only use this form if you don’t have access to the Employer Portal.

Payroll Provider delegation form

This form is required grant a payroll provider access to the Employer Portal. You must include information for all of the employers you will be acting on behalf of.

End of Year Certificate EOYC 2018

The End of Year Certificate process is completed on an annual basis by all employers and provides an assurance to the Secretary of State that all contributions due have been correctly paid.

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