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We’re actively monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation and will continue to update our information in accordance with any developments. We have business continuity plans in place to enable services to continue.

To help protect our staff most of our teams are now able to work remotely. Please be assured that during this time we’re continuing to be able to process retirement applications, payments and other essential processes as normal.

Contacting us

We ask for your support in only contacting us if necessary. You can get in touch through My Pension Online (MPO) or our web chat facility (however our web chat team won’t be able to look at any secure information).

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Completing an application form

If you’re completing an application form, we’re working to simplify the process. Where possible we ask members to complete forms using the online process on MPO. However, as not all our forms are currently online, we’re making changes to our printable PDFs to support teachers and their employers who are working from home.

As part of this we’re currently accepting PDF forms with digital signatures from you and your employer. Currently the only way to fill in our online PDF is through the ‘fill and sign’ option on PDF reader. We’re working hard to make these forms more interactive and ask you to bear with us while we do this.

COVID-19 provisions guidance

We’ve received several enquiries about the impact of coronavirus and how some of the support measures may affect membership of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. We’ve created a factsheet explaining the impact on issues including pension contributions, member status and the reporting of salary and service which should help you understand any impact on you.



We’ve answered some of the Frequently Asked Questions you may have.

  • Abatement does not apply to a pension from the Career Average arrangement but may apply if you have a Final Salary pension and return to a teaching role that is eligible for participation in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme, regardless of whether an opt-out is exercised.

    A retired teacher who took up a role as part of the National Tutoring Programme is unlikely to have their teacher’s pension abated as employment as a tutor or academic mentor wouldn’t be in an employment that is eligible to be in the Scheme. Abatement isn’t applied where another employment is undertaken that’s not pensionable in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

    A retired teacher who took up a teaching position funded by the catch-up premium paid to schools would be subject to the same abatement rules as would apply to any other retired teacher returning to teaching. Please note that abatement only applies if you took an Age or Premature retirement pension.

    If a Final Salary pension is to be abated, it’ll apply to the amount by which pension and re-employment earnings exceed the salary of reference (highest salary in the average salary period) as calculated at retirement. Further information on abatement is available here and a calculator is also available to show the readjusted level of earnings there can be before abatement might apply. Please note that abatement will only apply if you return to an employment that’s eligible in the Scheme and your Final Salary pension was awarded on the grounds of Age or Premature retirement. You can check your award letter to see if your award was either of these. If you’re still unsure if tutoring may result in the abatement of your pension, we suggest first checking with the relevant employer if the tutoring employment is eligible in the Scheme, and then contacting us if they confirm that it is.

  • We’re currently doing all we can to make our processes as simple as possible for both our members and employers. This includes the completion of forms. Where possible please continue to complete our online forms via My Pension Online. Where this isn’t possible (as it’s not an online process or you can’t apply online) and you need to complete a paper form, please be aware that we’re temporarily accepting forms with digital signatures. This is to assist those of you that don’t have a printer/scanner at home.

    If the form only has a part A (doesn’t require anything from your employer) please upload the form to us via My Pension Online. We can then process it.

    If the form has a part B (for your employer to complete) please send part A to your employer (you and your employer will need to decide on a process of how to do this). They will then complete part B and upload it to us via the Employer Portal. We can then process it.

    We’ve also temporarily added PDF versions of our ‘online only’ forms in case you need access to these during this time.

    • To be able to complete the PDF forms digitally, please use the fill and sign option on Adobe PDF reader (for instructions on how to do this please see below).
    • Open the form and save to your files.
    • Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. This is a free programme that can be downloaded here (This link opens in a new window)
    • Once you’ve opened the necessary PDF, choose the option ‘fill and sign’ from the right-hand panel
    • Place and click the curser over the blank text box and complete as normal
    • Save file.
  • Please be assured during this time we’re continuing to process retirement applications, payments and other essential processes. If you’ve a query, please send this through My Pension Online (if possible). Please support us by only getting in touch if your query is essential. We also have a webchat facility where you can reach us (except in circumstances surrounding personal data discussions), again we ask that you only use this facility if you’ve an essential enquiry.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we’re operating with a reduced volume of staff and it may take us longer to answer your call. If you’re need to call us to report a bereavement or if you need to speak to an advisor today, please do get in touch and we’ll try to answer your call as soon as possible.

  • We’ve robust processes in place in order to ensure that pensions will still get paid if we have to close our offices. We’ve implemented additional measures to ensure that normal service is not affected.

  • We continue to actively monitor the situation and are implementing additional measures to deliver transfers and repayments to our members.

  • We continue to actively monitor the situation and are implementing additional measures to ensure that the retirement application process is not affected.
  • We recommend that you submit as much information as possible before the two year deadline explaining what further documentation you intend to submit, and how soon you expect to do so. You should provide details of cancelled appointments and other background information about delays so that we can provide you with advice.

Last Updated: 24/04/2020 14:00

Given the current uncertainty and changing landscape regarding Coronavirus our responses may change depending on the advice from the Government. Information is correct at the time of publishing.