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If a member dies in service, you should contact Teachers’ Pensions and provide us with:

  • The teacher’s name
  • Teachers' Pensions Reference number
  • Date of death
  • Up to date service and salary details
  • The name and address of the next of kin.

An application form will then be issued for benefits to the next of kin.

You must download and complete the Teacher death - Service and Salary Information form (22A). Please return this to enable us to pay the death grant.

Will I be required to make any payments?

No. From 1 February 2016 Teachers’ Pensions pay the short-term pension payment, if appropriate. This short-term pension, previously paid by the employer, is paid for a period of 3 to 6 months. The size of the short-term pension is based on the member’s annual rate of pensionable earnings at the date of their death, less deductions for income tax.

We pay the Short-term pensionThe pension paid for 3 months following the death of an active member. It is equivalent to the full-time rate of pensionable earnings the member would have received during the period. for three months where the deceased member had a spouse, registered civil partner, adult nominated dependant or partner. If there are also dependent children we’ll pay the short-term pension for a period of six months (also the case if the only dependents are children). In either case, once the short-term pension period ceases a long-term pension will come into payment.

If a member dies  while in Phased RetirementYou have the option to access your pension benefits from age 55 without having to give up work completely. Phased retirement allows you to decide how much you wish to take of the benefits you have accrued - up to a maximum of 75% of your total benefits. the pension benefits paid will be a combination of short-term pension and family pension benefits (the latter based on benefits already in payment).

Short-term pensions paid to adults are subject to PAYE income tax deductions. Any queries about tax should be directed to your tax office.

What happens after the short term pension ends?

We’ll put a long term pension into payment. If a member dies in service any BeneficiaryThe person(s) entitled to benefits in the event of a Scheme member's death. pension that is due will be enhanced. The long term pension for a career average member is the value of 37.5% of the member’s accrued pension plus an enhancement, which is calculated by using half of the deceased member’s prospective remaining service to Normal Pension Age (NPA)The age at which you're eligible to claim retirement benefits without actuarial reduction. multiplied by 1/57th of the annual rate of pensionable earnings at the date of death.

If the member dies in final salary service the beneficiary will receive a long term pension based on 1/160 of the deceased member’s Average SalaryThe salary used to calculate a final salary pension. This is calculated on the most beneficial of the following; either the last 365 days salary or the best 3 years’ salary over the previous 10 years (revalued where there has been a change in salary in the 3 year period). If a member has undertaken part-time employment, their full-time equivalent salary will be used in the calculation, but the pensionable service will be based on the part-time hours., multiplied by the family benefits service plus an enhancement half of the prospective remaining service to the deceased member’s normal pension age.

In both arrangements the enhancement applied to the Long Term PensionThe annual pension due to the spouse/civil partner and/or child(ren) following the death of a member. Where the member was active in the scheme up until their death the long-term pension is paid after the short-term pension ceases. is as if the member was in full-time in their respective employment(s).
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Please ensure you inform us of a member's death.

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