Industrial Action

Absence due to industrial action cannot be classed as reckonable service and must be shown as days excluded. Members in full-time employment will not accrue reckonable service on each strike day, and you should record the strike days as ‘days out’ on the members’ Annual Return Service record. For part-time members, you’re required to record the actual part-time salary paid and the full-time equivalent. This means that the loss of pay due to strike action is reflected in the PT Salary Paid. You do not need to complete the "Days Excluded" field if there is a sum of part-time Salary Paid

  • The strike days will not be recorded as reckonable and therefore will not be used in any calculation for pension purposes
  • Members over Normal Pension Age will not be entitled to retirement benefits for the strike days, provided you record the service as ‘days out’ rather than a service break
  • Members remain covered for the ‘in-service’ death grant if they die while on strike.

There’s no provision in the Scheme for members to buy back strike days.

Last Updated: 09/12/2021 15:50


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