Strike days

Empty cloakroom due to strike days


The calculation of contribution deductions may be affected by strike days as the member’s monthly pensionable pay will be reduced. You’re required to assess their contribution tier each pay period based on their annualised applicable pensionable pay. It’s possible that the reduction in this pay due to strike days could affect their banding.

It's therefore important to assess your contribution deductions before running your payroll to ensure this has been accounted for. We’ve guidance on our website on contributions for those using MCR (PDF, 1.6 MB) (This link opens in a new window) or MDC.

Service and Salary

For members in full-time employment, strike days must be reported as ‘days excluded’ on the members’ MDC/MCR submission. These must be reported in the service period that the strike day(s) were taken by the member.

For part-time members, you’re required to record the actual part-time salary paid and the full-time equivalent. This means that the loss of pay due to strike action is reflected in the part-time earnings. For part-time service that requires days excluded to be supplied (MDC Concurrent Service), you need to provide the results of a revised calculation (using our Concurrent Calculator) with the reduced part-time earning included.

Additional Details

  • The strike days won't be recorded as reckonable and won't be used in any calculation for pension purposes.
  • Members over their Normal Pension Age won't be entitled to treat a strike day as a break in service to claim their retirement benefit.
  • Members remain covered for the 'in-service' death grant if they die while on strike.
  • There's no provision in the Scheme for members to buy back strike days.
Last Updated: 18/12/2023 14:56


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