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Calculations and estimates

Our Frequently Asked Questions below will help you answer many of your common questions about Calculations and estimates.
  • Are index linking figures available to enable us to provide estimates for our members?

    Pensions Increase factors can be found in our References section.

  • How is pensions increase applied to average salary?

    Details of how pensions increase factors are applied to the ten year average salary calculation can be found under Calculating Retirement Benefits in the Employer Guide.

  • How is the average salary calculated?

    The average salary is calculated using the best three consecutive re-valued earnings in the last ten years before retirement.

  • How many times can a member draw down on their pension under the Phased Retirement rules?

    Members in the final salary arrangement may take up to two phased retirements before taking final retirement.

    Members in the career average arrangement may take up to three phased retirements before taking final retirement (though no more than two can be taken before age 60).


  • When are Estimates of Retirement Benefits (EORBs) issued and who are they sent to?

    The issue of EORBs starts after the receipt and processing of Annual Return submissions. This means that the earlier accurate returns are received the earlier we are able to issue EORBs.

    ‘Real time’ EORBs are available to members via My Pension Online. We issue EORBS to individual establishments to distribute to the members.

  • Will Additional Pension be shown separately on a member's Estimate of Retirement Benefits (EORB)?

    Yes, these are a separate benefit from their main Teachers' Pension Scheme benefits.


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