How will the transfer of excess service be managed?

To manage excess service we’ll be following this simple process.

Step 1

Teachers’ Pensions identifies those employers who have members impacted by excess service.

Step 2

You'll then be contacted and provided with the member service details and requested to review and validate before sending back to us. The Local Government Pension Scheme fund will receive notification of the employer data being shared, but no action is required at this stage.

Step 3

We’ll provide validation checks on the information when it’s returned to us.

Step 4

We’ll notify you as the employer that the data is correct and that you can now contact the appropriate Local Government Pension Scheme funds.

Step 5

You'll use your usual administration processes to provide the member information to the relevant fund.

Step 6

The respective fund will use the information to create a member record, determine what contributions are needed and request the required fund from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

Step 7

We’ll provide the appropriate contributions to the fund.

Watch our excess service webinar (This link opens in a new window) to further your knowledge

Last Updated: 30/04/2024 13:37


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