Keeping up to date with your pension

The easiest way to ensure you’re kept up to date with your pension is via My Pension Online (MPO).

MPO is an online PIN protected portal that lets you check and manage your personal pension information, as well as contacting Teachers’ Pensions securely. You can complete a range of tasks including accessing your annual P60 and monthly payslips, updating your personal details quickly and easily and completing important online forms.

For more detailed explanation about understanding your P60 watch our quick video on the P60. We also have a guide to help explain your monthly payslips.

If you don’t have My Pension Online, why not register today.

Registering is easy. All you need is:
  • Your personal details
  • Your National Insurance number
  • An email address - we recommend a personal email address

To ensure there’s no delays with your pension payments, please remember to update your details if you move house or change your bank details.

Last Updated: 10/03/2021 10:37


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Keep up to date with your pension

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