Teachers' Pensions
Case studies

Case Studies

These case studies show examples of real teachers in different stages of their career, talking about their lives and their teachers' pension. After all, pensions are all about people.

Teacher’s Pension Timeline

New to Teaching

Elaine, 28


"One of the main reasons I have never really shown much interest is it feels pretty scary to see what you will be living on so many years from now."

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Actively Teaching

Naomi, 31

Food Technology Teacher

"When you don’t understand something it’s easier to shove it in a cupboard and get distracted by other things, especially when it doesn’t feel like a really pressing issue at the moment."

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Mark, 40

Teacher and Curriculum Leader for Design and Technology

"I’ve always known the Teachers’ Pension Scheme is a no-brainer, it’s secure and of good value."

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Trish, 47


"I think moving online with all of this information, providing calculators and tools for different circumstances is certainly a huge step in the right direction."

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Planning to Retire

Joan, 60

Assistant Head

"Nobody could have foreseen what happened with the banks and the economy, and thank goodness I’ve continued with my pension as we really are relying on it now."

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Sue, 64

Class Teacher

"I’ve moved in and out of supply and semi-permanent work throughout my teaching life. I also opted out when I took time to have a family."

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