Case Studies

These case studies show examples of real teachers in different stages of their career, talking about their lives at work, in retirement and their teachers' pension. After all, pensions are all about people.


Status: Active | Role: Full-time reception school teacher

Eve is 26 and has just started her teaching career.


Status: Active | Role: Full-time secondary school teacher

James is 35 and has worked as a full-time secondary school history teacher for nine years.


Status: Active | Role: Full-time Head of Department

Joy is 45 and is currently a full-time Head of Department and has been contributing to her teacher’s pension for 14 years.


Status: Active | Role: Full-time primary school teacher

Louise is 50. She is a full-time primary school teacher and has been teaching for 23 years.


Status: Active | Role: Part-time junior school teacher

Helen is 54. She is a part-time junior school teacher and is currently contributing to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.


Status: Retired | Role: Headteacher

John is 65 and is a retired Headteacher. He has been receiving his teacher’s pension for the last five years after retiring at his Normal Pension Age of 60.


Status: Retired | Role: Secondary school teacher

Barry is 74 and is a retired secondary school teacher. He spent 22 years in teaching and has been receiving a teacher’s pension for 27 years after taking Ill-health Retirement.


Status: Phased Retirement | Role: Primary school teacher

Julie is currently in receipt of Phased Retirement pension benefits.


Status: Phased Retirement | Role: Secondary science teacher

Sarah is currently taking Phased Retirement whilst also continuing to teach on a reduced contract.

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