Phased - Sarah

Status: Phased Retirement | Role: Secondary science teacher

“...For me there's not really been a downside...” “I still love it [teaching]. I still get a buzz from it...”

...For me there's not really been a downside... I still love it [teaching]. I still get a buzz from it...

Sarah is currently taking Phased Retirement. This allows her to take part of her pension whilst also continuing to teach (on a reduced contract).

Sarah worked for 33 years as a full-time science teacher, becoming Head of Department. She had started to consider retirement but wasn’t sure if she was ready to give up teaching.

She had originally thought about Early Retirement, but then learnt about Phased Retirement and the opportunity it would give her to draw part of her pension while continuing to teach with reduced hours and responsibilities.

Having spoken to her employer, who were keen to keep Sarah due to her expertise, Sarah applied to us and is now enjoying Phased Retirement and the extra flexibility it gives her. She’s teaching two days a week and continues to feel positive about being a teacher.

What did Sarah do?

  1. Sarah talked to her Head Teacher about Phased Retirement
  2. She then used the calculators to help with her pension planning sums
  3. She spoke with us and an Independent Financial Advisor who understood public sector pensions, to talk through her options and to help her make an informed decision.

Do you want to know more about Phased Retirement? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Read up on Phased Retirement and the potential benefits of taking this type of retirement
  2. Speak to your employer about it – they’d need to agree to Phased Retirement (due to the reduction in hours/ responsibilities)
  3. Register for My Pension Online (MPO) for the personalised calculators, to check your Benefit Statement and send us a secure message.

Before you make any decision it's a good idea to seek independent financial advice on the possible tax implications of proceeding with your application.


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