Working life - James

Status: Active | Role: Full-time secondary school teacher

Considering how being part of the Scheme could benefit his family.

Considering how being part of the Scheme could benefit his family.

James is 35 and has worked as a full-time secondary school history teacher for nine years. He has a young family and he and his partner have just bought their first house together.

James joined the Scheme in the final salary 60th scheme, then in 2015 he moved over to the career average scheme. He’s now planning to take paternity leave and is thinking about how he could support his family in the future.

James hasn’t made any specific retirement plans yet but is keen to know how the date he chooses to retire might affect his pension. He also needs to know how his upcoming paternity leave will impact his pension. It’s important for James to understand the family benefits that are part of his Scheme membership.

What can James do?

James could read the family leave factsheet to understand what impact his paternity leave will have on his monthly contributions and his pension. He should also log in or register for My Pension Online, which gives him up to date information on the estimated value of his pension, as well as the chance to nominate his family to receive any benefits that are payable when he dies. He can read the online FAQs for more information about the benefits available on death and use the Family Benefits calculator to view an estimate of this.

Do you sound like James? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Read the family leave factsheet to become more informed about your parental leave (maternity, paternity etc.)
  2. Register for My Pension Online (MPO) to complete the online death grant nomination form to make sure your family will be taken care of should the worst happen
  3. Use the Family Benefits calculator and FAQs to learn about the benefits available to your loved ones.
Last Updated: 13/05/2022 12:52