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Working Life

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To understand how your benefits work for you in your working life, you need to understand whether you’re in the Career AverageFrom 1 April 2015 the method of benefit acrual for new entrants or transitioning members became Career Average Revalued Earnings. This is a defined benefit pension where a fraction of pensionable earnings are banked each year and revalued annually on a compound basis. or Final Salary SchemeThe final salary arrangement is split into two categories: 80th
Those who joined the scheme prior to the 01/01/2007 entered the 80th section with a Normal Pension Age (NPA) of 60 60th
Those who joined the Scheme on or after the 01/01/2007 entered the 60th section with a NPA of 65. From 01/04/2015 new entrants join the career average arrangement.
arrangement and when you reach your Normal Pension Age (NPA)The age at which you're eligible to claim retirement benefits without actuarial reduction..

If you’re unsure of which arrangement you’re in, then why not use our ‘What type am I tool’ or look at our member profiles.

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