Member help

  • Answer:

    This is a report which can be requested in the Employer Portal.

    It shows all members we have on record for a specific establishment, and includes member details, such as:

    • Teachers’ Pensions Reference number
    • Name(s) and address details
    • Email address
    • The member’s status within the Scheme
    • If the member has opted out of the Scheme
    • Any flexibilities the member has.

    It’s a really useful way for you to check your records match ours for each member in your establishment.

    Once requested, you’ll receive the report within 24 hours. It’ll be available in the ‘Download a file’ section once ready.

  • Answer:

    You can search for a member within the ‘Member Search’ section in the Employer Portal.

    In this area you can search for individual members and view or edit some, or all their details.

    The information you’ll have access to will depend on whether the member is a previous, existing or new employee at your establishment.

    For more information on the Member Search functionality, please read our Employer Portal Guide (PDF, 3.7 MB) (This link opens in a new window).

  • Answer:

    You can find any forms that you need to action in the Task Manager page.

    Here, you’ll be able to manage authorisations for:

    • Retirement applications
    • Flexibilities applications
    • Certificates of Re-employment
    • Elections to join the Scheme
    • Transfer In and opt out applications
    • Repayments of contributions.

    The Task Manager allows you to filter through various forms by task name, status, establishment and Teachers’ Pensions Reference number.


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