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Certificate of Re-employment

Certificate of Re-employment

Completing your annual Certificate of Re-employment is an essential part of returning to work after taking your pension. The FAQs below should help answer your questions.

  • Why have I been asked to complete a Certificate of Re-employment?

    Probably because we’ve received information that you may be re-employed after your retirement and we need to assess the impact on your pension. The form provides all the information required to determine if your pension is affected by your re-employment. Failure to complete the form could result in an overpayment of your pension that you’ll be required to repay.

    Irrespective of the number of days you’ve worked, you must submit a fully completed Certificate of Re-Employment to ensure that your pension has not been overpaid.

  • When should I send my Certificate of Re-Employment?

    As soon as you become aware that you will be re-employed, please take steps to complete the form and then continue to do so every April to include information for the coming financial year. Please note that the purpose of us getting the information in advance is so we can take preventative action and avoid an overpayment of pension being made. The only exception to this deadline is if you are employed on a supply or claims based capacity in which case the salary information cannot be known in advance of being paid, therefore the deadline for supply or claims based workers is the end of the current tax year.

  • How often do I need to complete a Certificate of Re-employment?

    You need to complete a Certificate of Re-employment every tax year that you work. If there are changes to your working pattern or salary during a year you should complete another form.

  • I have already completed the Certificate of Re-employment form; do I need to complete another?

    At the beginning of each tax year, a Certificate of Re-employment needs to be completed for every tax year in which you’re re-employed. You must also complete one if there are any changes to your salary or working pattern.


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