Managing your pension forms

The forms, guides and leaflets below are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF). To view PDF files, you need Adobe Reader. The program is available for free if you don't already have it. 

Important information regarding flexibilities can be found here. If you are a final salary member and want to purchase additional pension with the Teachers' Pension Scheme, complete this form. You can also complete this form  online.

Form Description 
Armed forces reserve election form

If you wish to make an election for the payment of combined contributions during an absence from pensionable employment, please complete this form.

Certificate of re-employment

If you return to pensionable employment after claiming your benefits, you must tell us. For every tax year you're re-employed, you'll need to send us a completed certificate of re-employment. The quickest way to complete this form is online.

Lifetime Allowance charge assessment

There's a limit on the amount of benefits you can earn across all registered pension schemes you contribute to. To view The Lifetime Allowance, set by HMRC, visit our updates page. If you think your pension benefits may exceed this allowance, you need to complete this form, so we can assess whether any tax is payable.

Reinstatement form

If you wish to reinstate contributions withdrawn before 1 June 1973, please complete this form.

Scheme Pays Election

This form should be completed if you wish to elect the Teachers’ Pensions Scheme to pay an Annual Allowance charge you are subject to, which is a result of your excess in pensions savings in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme only.


Important information regarding flexibilities can be found here There's a range of flexibilities available for increasing your benefits including Additional Pension, Faster Accrual and Buy Out. The quickest way to complete this form is online.

Flexibilities Revoke

Please use this form if you've decided to revoke one of your flexibilities.

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