Joining or leaving the Scheme

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Form Description
Election to join the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (Opting in)

If you opted out of the Scheme and now wish to rejoin, you need to complete this form and return it to us.

Joiner Questionnaire

If you’ve previously been a member of a public service pension scheme you may qualify for protections in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. Please complete this form so we can check. 


If you want to leave the Teachers' Pension Scheme, you'll need to let us know by completing this online form. This form must only be completed after your employment start date. The easiest and quickest way to complete this form is via My Pension Online. However, if you require a paper version, please contact us.

Repayment of pension contributions

If you have less than two years total pensionable teaching employment after 6 April 1988, or less than five years total pensionable employment if all service in the Scheme was before 6 April 1988 and decide to leave the Scheme, you can reclaim you contributions by sending this completed form to us. The quickest way to complete this form is online.

Transfer in

If you wish to transfer benefits from another scheme into your Teachers' Pension, please complete the form on My Pension Online. This is an online application form.

If you require a paper version of the form you can download it here.

Transfer out

Please note: Companies are singling out savers and claiming that they can help members cash in their pension early. Please avoid these companies. To find out more view the pensions advisory website here (This link opens in a new window). The FCA also provide a tool to help you be a "ScamSmart (This link opens in a new window)" investor, or perhaps you’d like to try the "Scan Man & Robbin (This link opens in a new window)" game.

If you’ve qualified for a pension in Teachers’ Pension Scheme (see the FAQ What is the minimum qualifying period?) you can only transfer your pension to another "defined benefit" scheme. These are schemes in which the pension you’re paid is determined in accordance with the scheme regulations or rules, rather than the investment performance of contributions paid in, which are known as "defined contributions" schemes. The other public service schemes – including equivalent teachers’ schemes in Scotland and Northern Ireland, Local Government, Civil Service, NHS, Police, Firefighters and Armed Forces – are "defined benefit" schemes to which you can transfer your teacher’s pension.

If you haven’t qualified for a pension in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme you can still transfer the value of the benefits accrued to date to another scheme, if you’ve got at least three months of qualifying service, including to money purchase schemes.

To find out more about transferring out of the Teachers' Pension Scheme please visit our 'Leaving Pensionable Employment' factsheet. If you still wish to transfer your Teachers' Pensions benefits to another Scheme, please complete this form.

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