What about my family benefits?

If you were to die while you were out of pensionable service, your family may still be entitled to family benefits.

Death grant

If you were to die before taking your retirement benefits an out-of-service death grant may be payable, which is based on 3/80 x average salary x reckonable service if you’re a final salary member or 2.25 times the value of your annual pension if you’re a career average member (if you had qualified for a pension).

Long term pension

Your qualifying partner* and any qualifying children would also be entitled to a long-term pension.

If you were to die after taking your benefits, your qualifying partner and any qualifying children would still receive a long-term pension benefit.

If you die within five years of claiming your pension a supplemental death grant is payable. A supplementary death grant is the value of five years’ worth of your annual pension at the date of death, minus the pension which has already been paid to you prior to your death. If you’ve received more than five years’ worth of your pension prior to your death, no supplementary death grant will be payable.

For example, if you died 3 years after taking your pension, a supplemental death grant of 2 years’ worth of your annual pension will be paid.

*A qualifying partner is either your spouse, civil partner, surviving qualifying partner or nominated adult financial dependent.

Last Updated: 23/02/2022 15:31


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