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HMRC National Insurance Contribution changes
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HMRC - National Insurance Contribution changes

Due to the end of contracting-out for defined benefit schemes (such as the Teachers’ Pension Scheme), HMRC will be making some changes to the rate of National Insurance contributions you’ll be paying from April 2016.  This will be changing from D rate to A rate, which means a higher rate of contributions.

To find out more contact HMRC directly, visit  www.gov.uk/government/publications/new-state-pension-information-for-employers-and-trustees-with-open-contracted-out-defined-benefit-pension-schemes or ask your employer for further information.

For further information The Department for Work and Pensions and HMRC have created a simple factsheet to help you understand how the changes will affect you.


Last Updated: 10/03/2017 08:41

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