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Benefit Statements
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Benefit Statements

This year your Benefit Statement will only be available online via My Pension Online. It’s all about accessing your personal pension information in a smarter and more secure way. Which means you’ll no longer receive a paper copy through the post or via your employer.

Going paperless is a great way to stay organised, by cutting down on your filing and having access to all the information you need in one central place as well as being more secure. You’ll also be able to print copies of your statements whenever you need to and we’ll email you when your statement is ready. It’s fast and simple!

In order to access your statement you must first register for a My Pension Online account. Once you’re registered you’ll be able to log in and download your statement anytime you need to.

MPO is an online PIN protected portal that lets you check and manage your personal pension information, as well as contact us securely. It’s the easiest way to ensure you’re kept up to date with your pension. As well as checking up on your Benefit Statement you can update your personal details, complete online forms and access a range of tools and calculators. If you don’t currently have access, sign up today at www.teacherspensions.co.uk/registration

Last Updated: 29/08/2018 13:28

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