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Since September it’s been the responsibility of Teachers’ Pensions to inform you as members of your rights and options when you start or leave the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (This responsibility used to sit with your employer).

We’re able to contact members if you’ve an MPO account, or if we hold an email address for you. Unfortunately if we don’t have either, then it will still remain your employer’s responsibility to provide this information to you.

Information regarding joining and leaving the Scheme will be sent to those members who:

  • are Newly Qualified Teachers
  • are members transitioning to the Career Average arrangement
  • have changed employer
  • have re-entered teaching*
  • have left eligible service in the Scheme or opted out

You’ll have received the starter or leaver information based on salary and service we have received by your employer.  If you believe you’ve been sent this in error please speak to your employer rather than contacting Teachers’ Pensions because if your service is incorrect or needs updating, they’ll be required to make the change(s).

If you want to know more about your pension why not read our guides https://www.teacherspensions.co.uk/members/resources/guides.aspx

Last Updated: 10/10/2017 13:59

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