Survivor’s benefits in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme

Following the Government’s consideration of the implications for public service pension schemes of the Walker v Innospec case, regulatory changes will be introduced to provide that:

  1. survivors of same-sex marriages and civil partnerships are treated in the same way as widows of opposite sex marriages (survivor benefits in relation to service from 1 April 1972 or 6 April 1978 if the marriage was after the last day pensionable service); and
  2. the change applies from the date civil partnerships and same-sex marriages were implemented.

The benefits that this will provide to same-sex survivors will be dependent upon when the deceased member was employed, their pensionable earnings and the length of their service.

Teachers’ Pensions will work in conjunction with the Department for Education to implement this change to the Scheme, and will provide further details on our approach and timescales in due course.

We have provided a Q&A on the above (PDF, 38 KB) (This link opens in a new window).

Last Updated: 29/03/2018 14:24