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Ill health retirement benefits
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Ill-health retirement benefits

If you’re qualified for benefits in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (i.e. you’ve been in the Scheme for two years or more and have service on or after 6 April 1988) and are unable to continue teaching due to ill-health you should consider applying for Ill-health Retirement, even if you’re approaching your Normal Pension Age (NPA).

The difference in value between an Early Retirement pension and an Ill-health Retirement pension may sometimes appear to be small, but over the years that the pension will typically be in payment, the total value will become more significant.

You should consider applying for Ill-health benefits, even if you are close to your NPA, in view of the fact that pension and possible enhancement is unreduced.

In all cases, we recommend that both you and your employers seek independent financial advice. Where there is any difference between the legislation and regulations governing the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and the information in this bulletin, the legislation and regulations will apply.

Further information, including the Ill-health Retirement Guide, is available on our website.

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