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Deferred member webinars

Join our deferred member webinars

We’ll be hosting several webinars during October for deferred members. This is ideal for those who no longer actively contribute to the Scheme but retain benefits for when they retire.

The webinars will cover:

  • What happens to the pension benefits while you’re deferred
  • What your family benefits are while you’re deferred
  • Transferring in and out of the Scheme
  • Returning to teaching
  • The retirement process
  • My Pension Online
  • Scheme updates

To begin with we’ll be holding three webinars with ten spaces on each. If there’s further interest we’ll look into hosting more. We’re also recording the webinar and will make it available on our website.

To register please use the links below:

Please note these webinars will cover general Scheme information and we aren’t able to offer financial advice or discuss individual circumstances.

Last Updated: 07/10/2019 08:56

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