Get support to return to the classroom

The Department for Education (DfE) is offering free support to former teachers, primary and secondary, considering returning to teaching in England. If you’re wishing to return to teaching, their expert advisers can provide support every step of the way. A return to teaching adviser can help with: 

  • the application process, such as writing a personal statement and preparing for an interview
  • accessing courses to enhance your subject knowledge
  • finding teaching vacancies that are right for you and that suit your skills, ambition and situation, utilising the valuable skills you’ve developed outside of teaching
  • on-going support in the first few months in your new role.

Sign up for a return to teaching adviser (This link opens in a new window), or read the latest guidance and advice for returning teachers on the return to teaching website (This link opens in a new window). You can find information on a range of areas, such as curriculum, reducing workload and flexible working. 

Returning to teaching also means that you can be re-enrolled into the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (as long as your employer is eligible). Discover the benefits of your pension today (PDF, 53 KB) (This link opens in a new window)

Last Updated: 27/02/2024 12:01