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What do I need?

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What do I need as a new employer?
  1. Send us your contact details

    It’s important that you let us know as soon as possible that you have become a new employer so that we can start to communicate directly with you. You need to complete the declaration form, which will provide us with all the main contacts at your establishment (this may be more than one person). This needs to be completed and sent to tpattachments@teacherspensions.co.uk.

  2. Register to access the Employer Portal

    You need to register to use our online secure system, known as the Employer Portal as this has everything you need to administer the Scheme, with the minimum amount of paperwork. All communications regarding administration of the Scheme will be sent via the Portal so it’s important to be set up as soon as possible.

    Once you’ve completed and returned the contact form, we’ll set you up on the system and you’ll be registered from your start date or conversion date.

    For further information on the Portal we recommend you have a look at our Employer Portal Guide.

  3. Once you’re registered

    We need to ensure you’re set up to provide details of your employees service each month through Monthly Data Collection (MDC). To get set up complete the activation form and return it to mdc@teacherspensions.co.uk.

Further information can be found in our MDC section.

Are you using a payroll provider?

If you’re planning to use a payroll provider to support you in your administration of the Scheme, we’ll need you to complete the delegation form to inform us of who your payroll provider is and to allow them access to the Employer Portal.

Your payroll provider can provide the following information to Teachers’ Pensions on your behalf:-

  • Contributions 
  • Service
  • Day to day operations

It’s important to remember that payroll providers cannot authorise forms.

As the employer you’re still responsible for the information being provided accurately and on time. Therefore it’s important that you make sure that the contract with your Payroll Provider ensures that your responsibilities have been met.

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