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Remarriage and family benefits

Remarriage and family benefits

Our Frequently Asked Questions below will help you answer many of your common questions about Remarriage and family benefits.

  • I am a pension credit member. If I remarry, will my pension be stopped?

    No, you’ll continue to receive your pension as a pension credit member of the Scheme.

  • I’m receiving a pension as a result of an earmarking order. If I remarry, will my pension be stopped?

    That depends on the earmarking order but generally it does mean your pension will be stopped.

  • I am a pension credit member. When I die will anyone be entitled to continue to receive my pension, if so how much would they get?

    As a pension credit member, you can’t nominate anyone to continue to receive your Teachers' Pension when you die.

    If you were entitled to a Lump Sum payment as part of your pension credit member benefits and you die before or, within five years of taking your benefits, a death grant may be payable. You can nominate someone to receive that death grant.


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