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  • What’s a repayment of contributions?

    If you have less than two years qualifying service (or less than 5 years before 5 April 1988), you can claim a repayment of your contributions. You won’t receive the same amount of the contributions as a repayment, as deductions for tax and National Insurance will be made.

    Repayments can only be made if you’re a deferred member or if you’ve opted out of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

  • How do I apply for a repayment?

    To apply for a repayment you’ll need to complete an application form. Once we have received all of the relevant information, we’ll then confirm the value and make the payment into your bank account.

  • If I apply for a repayment will I get all of my contributions back?

    The amount you will be repaid will be the contributions you’ve paid into the Teachers' Pension Scheme together with compound interest added at 3% per annum. Two sets of deductions will be made: one to secure your benefits in the State Pension Scheme and the other for tax. This is depending on whether you were a member prior to 6 April 2016, as membership was contracted in thereafter.


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