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Service history

Service history

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions about your service history.

  • What is Teaching Service History?

    It's important that you check your service history to ensure the correct details are held as this is what we base your pension benefits on. Any errors not identified now may result in delays when calculating your pension benefits, or result in an incorrect pension amount being paid. If you identify any errors or omissions please contact the employer at the time of service, ask them to investigate and, where necessary, inform Teachers' Pensions about any changes. We will then update your record accordingly.

  • How are days out recorded on the Benefit Statement?

    If your employer has included excluded days in their record of your service and salary, this will be mirrored on your Benefit Statement. Days excluded (i.e. (not worked and not counting towards reckonable service in the Final Salary arrangement) are used when deciding the actual reckonable service and salary rate for the period that counts towards your Final Salary benefits, or for Career Average benefits to decide the actual pensionable earnings in the time period. But if you’re part-time we ask your employer to provide your actual part-time pensionable earnings and, although we will still derive the number of days excluded in the period, it’s the actual reported pensionable earnings that will be used to determine your pension benefits.

  • Why is my information only showing up to March last year but I'm still in service?

    Unless your employer is part of the Monthly Data Collection trial, they send us details of your service and salary once a year (usually between April and July). We use this to update our records, and once we have done so, it’s available on your Benefit Statement. The information on the Benefit Statement can only be as accurate as the information supplied to us by your employer(s).

  • I worked as a teacher and was contributing to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme but it’s not recorded on my statement- why?

    Where you see that there are gaps in the service on your Statement and you’re sure that you contributed to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme you have what we call missing service.

    Missing service is a common problem but one which can be easily resolved. If you’re affected, then please contact your employer at the time of the missing service and ask them to provide us with the details we’re missing. The information will be updated on our systems and you’ll be able to view your more up-to-date Statement online.

  • I’ve recently joined the career average arrangement, but the service on the statement is all final salary – is this wrong?

    Unless your employer is part of the Monthly Data Collection trial, we’ll receive data on your service and salary from your employer once each year, (usually between April and July), and update your record at that time. 

    If you are a tapered member, we'll not expect to receive your details of service and salary until July of the following year.  Employers can sometimes be late in submitting details or there can be validation problems that take a while to rectify. If this has happened, you can expect to see Career Average service to appear on your record as and when we receive it.

  • How are multiple contracts shown on the Benefit Statement?

    The new Benefit Statement allows you to view the individual service lines which make up the multiple/concurrent service.


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