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11/08/2017 |

Starting and leaving the Scheme

It is now Teachers’ Pensions responsibility to provide information to new starters and members choosing to leave the Scheme.

07/08/2017 |

Caroline’s story

Caroline’s 56, from Leeds and teaches languages. We asked her to share her story about the process of retiring from the Scheme.

07/08/2017 |

What’s your Teachers’ Pensions Reference number and how can you find it?

We’ve had an increase of members enquiring about their Teachers’ Pensions Reference number.

07/08/2017 |

Changes to My Pension Online

We’ve a range of online resources to help you understand your pension.

07/08/2017 |

Changes to the State Pension Age

You may have read about the recent changes to the State Pension Age that affects members aged between 39 and 47.

07/08/2017 |

Missing Service

Employers will have to provide members’ latest service and salary details on a monthly rather than an annual basis.

07/08/2017 |

Changes to My Pension Online

You’re now asked to confirm your personal details upon first log in to My Pension Online (MPO) and annually thereafter.

07/07/2017 |


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