Teachers' Pensions

Pensions Increase and revaluation of Career Average pension benefits

The Pensions Increase to be applied to pensions in payment will be 3% for 2018/19. The increase to pensions will take effect from 9 April 2018.

27/02/2018 |

Retirement planning

Are you getting ready to retire this summer? Last year we processed over 15,000 pensions to start on September 1st, making sure our members started their retirement on the right track.

16/02/2018 |

Contact details

Making sure your details are kept up to date helps us to keep you informed about your pension.

16/02/2018 |

Auto and Contractual Enrolment

Auto Enrolment is a Government policy to make sure that everyone in employment is placed into a workplace pension to help them save for their future.

16/02/2018 |

Social Media

We’ve pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, so whether you like to post, tweet, watch or network we’ve a channel that’s right for you.

16/02/2018 |

Missing service

From April 2018 all employers will submit member data to us on a monthly rather than annual basis.

16/02/2018 |

Update from Prudential

Teachers’ Additional Voluntary Contributions (Teachers’ AVCs) provide a different source of retirement funds which could help you achieve your retirement goals.

16/02/2018 |

Are you making the most of your My Pension Online (MPO) account?

Are you one of the three quarters of a million members of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme with an MPO account?

16/02/2018 |

Contact Centre

Over the last few months we’ve increased the size of our Contact Centre Team so have been busy training the new staff.

16/02/2018 |

Video – Are you saving enough?

Looking ahead to your retirement can be daunting but with so much to consider it’s a good idea to get ahead and see what you’ll need to budget, for the retirement lifestyle you want.

16/02/2018 |

Flexibilities – Getting more from your pension

Are you looking to increase your pension? Our Scheme provides a variety of ways to help you add to your final pot.

16/02/2018 |

State Pension Age

Last year the Government announced proposals to change the State Pension Age. This would see it rise to 68, over 2 years, starting in 2037. This is seven years earlier than originally planned.

16/02/2018 |


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