Benefit Statement

You can access a Benefit Statement at any time showing what your benefits are currently worth. Your Statement gets updated each month (if you’re an active member). You’ll find it on My Pension Online along with an interactive help guide.

It’s important to check your service history on a regular basis. This is because we use your service information to calculate your retirement benefits. Any errors or missing service* found during the application process could delay your retirement benefits being paid. 

The earlier your find any errors the simpler it is to correct them (making the retirement process simpler, however far in the future it may be).

Find out more about what do if you have missing service with our FAQs.

*Missing service doesn’t necessarily mean any contribution payments have been missed, simply that some details haven’t been provided correctly. 

Last Updated: 12/04/2024 10:46


Understanding your Benefit statement.



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