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Additional Pension

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Additional PensionAn option available to members in the final salary and career average arrangements to increase their pension. Additional Pension can be purchased in multiples of £250 and can be paid for through monthly contributions deducted directly from salary over a set period of time, or by a one-off lump sum. can be bought in multiples of £250 per annum. There’s a couple of easy ways you can buy Additional Pension:

  • Have deductions made from your salary
  • Pay a one-off lump sum.

The maximum payment period is 20 years and must be completed before your Normal Pension Age (NPA)The age at which you're eligible to claim retirement benefits without actuarial reduction.. The age at which you're eligible to claim retirement benefits without actuarial reduction, but be aware that payments will be reviewed after each scheme valuation. That means contributions may increase or decrease depending upon the outcome of the valuation. It’s important that you check that the correct amount is being deducted, if you identify a mistake you must contact your employer immediately.

Your Additional Pension will be paid when you take your Scheme benefits, though if you take Phased RetirementYou have the option to access your pension benefits from age 55 without having to give up work completely. Phased retirement allows you to decide how much you wish to take of the benefits you have accrued - up to a maximum of 75% of your total benefits. you don’t have to take your Additional Pension at the same time. If you choose to take your benefits before you reach your normal retirement age and this is before the end of your payment period your Additional Pension will be based upon the contribution you’ve paid up to the day you leave the Scheme. If you take your benefits before you reach your Normal Pension Age, your Additional Pension will be actuarially reduced.

Just like your standard pension, some of your additional pension benefits you’ve chosen to pay for can also be taken as a lump sum. Once again, there’s a maximum allowable lump sum figure but you’re free to choose a lower amount.

If you’ve purchased Additional Pension for yourself and your partner then a pension will be paid to them when you die regardless of whether or not you’ve completed the payments. If you’ve only purchased Additional Pension for yourself no benefits will be paid.

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