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End of Year Certificate

End of Year Certificate

Our Frequently Asked Questions below will help you answer many of your common questions about the End of Year Certificate.
  • What's the End of Year Certificate (EOYC) process?

    The EOYC is an annual audit exercise undertaken by employers to provide assurance to the Secretary of State that the contributions collected and submitted are correct.

  • I'm a new employer who has been paying contributions for only part of the year, do I need to complete a End of Year Certificate (EOYC)?

    All employers without exception must complete an EOYC.

  • Our contributions are administered by a third party – is a separate End of Year Certificate (EOYC) required?

    Yes, a separate EOYC form is required to be completed for each employer. For Local Authorities that administer any Academy contributions they must also be audited separately and separate forms returned to Teachers’ Pensions. The overall responsibility for completion of the EOYC lies with the employer.

  • What's the timetable for the submission of the End of Year Certificate (EOYC)?

    Last working day of May

    LA/Non LA establishments to return a copy of the completed EOYC (audited or non-audited).

    Last working day of June

    The unaudited version of the EOYC should be made available to the auditor.

    Last working day of September

    Non LA establishments to return audited EOYC.

    Last working day of November

    LAs to return audited EOYCa (England) EOYCb (Wales).

    All employers without exception must return an EOYC to reach us by the last working day in May.

  • What happens if we miss the end of May deadline?

    There will be no extension to this deadline. Employers must make us aware of any potential delays in submitting returns immediately, so any issues can be addressed in advance of the deadline. Employers should be aware that Regulation 131 of the Teachers’ Pensions Regulations empowers the Secretary of State for Education to seek the necessary returns from employers.

    We’ll closely monitor the submission of returns and will refer individual cases to the DfE or the Pensions Regulator.

  • Will I receive a second End of Year Certificate (EOYC) form?

    No, we don’t issue a second form. For employers who haven't had the original EOYC audited they should take a copy, retain the original version to pass onto their auditor by the 30 June and return the signed copy to Teachers’ Pensions.

  • If my TR17 (LA only) was qualified last year do I need to do anything at End of Year Certificate (EOYC) stage?

    Yes, this is an ideal opportunity to ensure that the action plan you sent in is being adhered to. Also, at this point you will be able to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation available which will be required by your auditor when your EOYC is audited.

  • If I've not completed the tiered breakdown on a monthly basis will I be subject to further audit checks?

    Yes, every effort should be made to complete this information, even if you have been unable to provide this information on your monthly breakdown form.

    Failure to provide this, or failure to be able to agree the totals to the equivalent entries will result in a Supplementary Tiered Contribution Certificate being issued, requiring additional audit work to be undertaken over and above that required for the standard certification.

  • How do I contact the Audit Team?

    You can contact the audit team by email: TPaudit@teacherspensions.co.uk or by calling 0345 3003756 (option 2).

  • What do I need to do with the Additional Contributions/EFE/Additional Pension list?

    You should check the list of teachers in your establishment(s)/Authority (available on the Employer Portal), who have made elections to pay additional contributions to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme, contributions on a former higher salary (TR22 elections shown as Reg C2 of the 1997 Regulations), additional pensions or contributions following an election for further employment to be pensionable after retirement, and make any amendments, deletions or additions in red. 

    A copy of the list(s) should be returned to us after taking a copy for your records. The list(s) will be used by us as an initial check on the additional/EFE/Additional Pensions/TR22 contributions due on your End of Year Certificate (EOYC).


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