Members' making their choices

Members will have choices to make depending on how they’re affected by Transitional Protection. From 1 October 2023, affected members will start receiving their Remediable Service Statement (RSS). They’ll be asked to make a choice on whether to take their remedy period service in the final salary or career average scheme.

As they’ll have to contact all members affected by the remedy from this date, it’s likely to take some time to reach everyone.

This is the timescale for contacting members who are yet to retire, depending on their circumstances:

*These dates are correct at time of publishing but are subject to change.

The member won’t need to make their choice on their remedy period service until they apply for retirement. They’ll receive their RSS as part of the application process.

However, an Annual Benefit Statement RSS will be available to request from March 2024 through My Pension Online (MPO). If they've not yet registered please advise them to go online and to our registration page.

This will help them to start considering their retirement options in advance of any retirement application.

  Starting from
Retirement RSS October 2023
Ill-Health RSS November 2023
Bereavement RSS November 2023

A member with rollback choices

If they:

  • took out any flexibilities (Faster Accrual, Buy Out or career average scheme Additional Pension), or
  • worked any overtime or excess service in the career average scheme during the remedy period,

They’re required to make a decision as these aren’t available in the final salary scheme. To make this choice, we’ll be issuing them with a Rollback Choices Statement between October 2023 and July 2024.

They’ll need to make a choice regarding these flexibilities in addition to deciding which scheme any remedy period service will be in before they retire.

Members should be reminded they don’t need to pay to claim their remedy benefits and make their choice. Using a paid service doesn’t mean they’ll get their choice any sooner or affect the options they have.

Last Updated: 22/12/2023 10:20


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