Key changes

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The key changes to the Scheme are in two parts.

For part one, the government has delivered the necessary legislation. This means:

  • The final salary scheme closed on 31 March 2022
  • Since 1 April 2022 all active members now build up their pension benefits in the career average section of the Scheme

For part two, the government legislation looked at how to implement the changes.  There are various changes depending on the member’s circumstances during the remedy period and we recommend they look at the information appropriate to them.

What choices do they have to make?

  • If they’re eligible, they’ll choose between their final salary and career average pension scheme benefits for service between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2022 (the remedy period). They’ll make their choice at the time they take their pension benefits, this is named the Deferred Choice Underpin (DCU)
  • Initially, those who were moved to the career average (reformed) scheme in 2015 (or later if they had tapered protection), will be moved back into the final salary (legacy) scheme for the remedy period. However, when they then take their pension benefits,  they’ll get to make their choice
  • Those who are affected members who have already taken benefits from the final salary scheme, will be given the choice for service between 1 April 2015 and the date they took their pension benefits. Any change to benefits will be backdated.

For more information on the changes why not watch our scheme changes video (This link opens in a new window)?

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