Excess Service

There are different rules if a member has a full-time contract and an additional part-time contract, depending on which scheme arrangement they’re in. For these purposes the additional part time contract is referred to as ‘excess service’. This occurs if a member has a full-time contract plus additional part-time contract(s). It doesn’t occur if they’ve multiple part-time contracts, even when they exceed 365 days.

The Transition Protection changes which are being introduced will affect any excess service during the remedy period.

Final salary scheme

Where there is concurrent full-time and part-time teaching service, the part-time service isn’t pensionable in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. This excess teaching service will be pensionable in the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

Career average

There are no issues with excess service in the career average scheme as all teaching employment is pensionable in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

How excess service is treated will be dependent upon whether a member’s employer during the remedy period participated in the LGPS.

A member will be asked to make a decision on their excess service as part of their rollback choices. More information on this can be found on our bespoke LGPS pages.

Last Updated: 28/09/2023 15:02


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