What do I as an employer need to do?

Employer and employee talking

To help members understand if they’re affected by the changes, signpost them to the comprehensive information we keep updated on the Transitional Protection member pages on our website. Please advise them that they should wait to be contacted directly from us. 

It’s important to ensure that member records are kept up to date and you retain service and salary information in case we do have queries in the future.

What does a member need to do now?

It's important to help them understand if they’re affected, we’ve created a series of resources. They can use our decision tree, our ‘Am I affected (This link opens in a new window)’ video our case studies and detailed FAQs


As part of the Transitional Protection remedy, all pensionable service for affected members between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2022 has been rolled back into the final salary scheme from 1 October 2023.

Members need to understand what this means to them and the potential new opportunities available to those who haven’t yet taken their retirement benefits. If they haven’t received information on this from us then please advise them to read the rollback page on our website, which includes a detailed factsheet.

If they took out flexibilities, or worked any overtime or excess service, in the career average scheme during the remedy period, they’ll be required to make a decision as these are unavailable in the final salary scheme - we’ll be in touch with them separately about this.

Making their choice between the career average or final salary scheme

If they’re an active or deferred member, they’ll make this choice when they decide to take their benefits at retirement.

If they’re already in receipt of their benefits, we’ll be contacting all members after 1 October 2023 with their options; however, due to the volumes of members affected, this process will be rolled out throughout the remainder of 2023, through to 2025. Any change to their entitlement will be backdated.

Last Updated: 12/10/2023 14:44


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