Retrospective Additional Pension

If a member previously purchased career average flexibilities during the remedy period, such as Additional Pension, Faster Accrual or Buy-Out, they’ll be provided with the option to convert these into final salary Additional Pension when we contact them about their rollback choices.

However, they can also apply to purchase final salary Additional Pension retrospectively for the ‘remedy period’ (1 April 2015 to 31 March 2022), providing that they don’t exceed purchase limits. To meet the criteria, they must have been prevented from purchasing final salary Additional Pension as they’d already been moved into the career average scheme.

For active or deferred members, if they wish to apply for final salary Additional Pension retrospectively, they must submit an application within six months of receiving their initial Remediable Service Statement (RSS).

Any final salary additional pension lump sum payment is subject to interest at the National Savings & Investment (NS&I) rate from the date of the election to the current date.

For retired members, if they wish to apply, they’ll have six months from receiving their RSS to submit an application. They must make the purchase before making their Immediate Choice decision of choosing final salary scheme or career average scheme benefits for the remedy period. Once they’ve made their Immediate Choice, they can’t make this purchase. If they do, it won’t be reflected within the RSS they’ll have already received.

Please note beneficiaries or decision makers of deceased members can’t make applications for Additional Pension.

To apply for retrospective final salary Additional Pension, the member needs to use the paper form (PDF, 263 KB) (This link opens in a new window). Please advise any member that they’ll need to send in their form with a covering note confirming that they wish their application to be treated retrospectively, and from what date.

Once they’ve completed this form and returned it to us, we’ll calculate the amount payable by the member to purchase their requested amount of Additional Pension Benefit (including the interest owed for backdating the election) and send these details out to them as an invoice, along with information on how to make the payment. 

The amount payable will be based on the amount of Additional Pension Benefit the member wishes to purchase, the age at which they wish the election to be effective from and whether the election is to increase their personal benefits only, or also to increase any potential family benefits. 

More information on Additional Pension can be found on our website.

Last Updated: 22/03/2024 11:43


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